EPS-90303-6 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 138764

EPS-90303-5 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 138536

EPS-90303-4 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 138520

EPS-90303-3 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 138506

EPS-90303-2 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 138432

EPS-90303-1 - PS 50' Waffle Box Car : CSXT : 136182

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The Pullman-Standard 70 ton, 5277 cubic foot waffle box car is a true Signature classic! With delivery beginning in 1974, the Southern Railway purchased nearly 5,000 of these cars. Since that time, the P-S waffle found its way into secondary ownership with other railroads. ExactRail now offers our most sought after freight car in new, contemporary paint schemes!

Reminiscent of their Southern heritage, ExactRail offers Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern and Southern Indiana Railway waffles in patched ex-Southern paint. Additionally, ExactRail replicates the unique modifications to Buffalo & Pittsburgh cars by including simulated side vents.

Featuring the finest precision micro-tooling and finish-work in the industry, ExactRail's Southern 50' Waffle box car is a platinum quality model—complete with Kadee #58 couplers, coupler cut levers, numerous wire-formed and fine-scale details, accurate underbody details and ExactRail's exclusive equalized trucks. ExactRail's Signature Series Southern 50' Waffle Box Car is an exclusive replica to be appreciated by all enthusiasts and collectors alike.

HO Scale: PS 50' Waffle Box Car - CSXT

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