EP-80704-9 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297268

EP-80704-8 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297259

EP-80704-7 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297245

EP-80704-6 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297237

EP-80704-5 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297222

EP-80704-4 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297214

EP-80704-3 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297391

EP-80704-2 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297383

EP-80704-1 - Thrall 3564 Gondola : TTX : 297376

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The Thrall 3564 Mill Gondola is an icon for contemporary American industrial railcars. It has massive presence that is clean, utilitarian, and ultra-modern. Production of the 3564 Mill Gondola began in the mid 90's, and it continues today with little to no change in design.

ExactRail micro-tools to satisfy the most up-to-date demands in a fast moving industry. Complete with wire-form grab irons and coupler cut levers, ExactRail's Thrall 3564 gondola also features photo-etched, stainless steel brake platorms, stand-apart underframe details and free-standing brake rods. From reinforced corrugated ends, scale draft gear, Kadee #58 scale metal couplers, and ExactRail's exclusive equalized 100 Ton ASF Ride Control trucks and CNC-machined metal wheel sets, keep your rolling stock in the now with contemporary freight cars from ExactRail.

HO Scale: Thrall 3564 Gondola - TTX

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