EP-81101-12 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217073

EP-81101-11 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217066

EP-81101-10 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217058

EP-81101-9 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217053

EP-81101-8 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217045

EP-81101-7 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217041

EP-81101-6 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217036

EP-81101-5 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217029

EP-81101-4 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217020

EP-81101-3 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217017

EP-81101-2 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217012

EP-81101-1 - Thrall 63' Centerbeam Flat Car : UP : 217004

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Through the input and participation of the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads, Thrall developed a new style of bulkhead flat car called the "Center-Beam." The intention of the design was to prevent hapless fork-lift drivers from dumping lading while loading and unloading the car. Introduced in 1977, the innovation has proved successful, and it became colloquially known as the "Opera Window" due to the large cut-outs along the center parition. The Thrall 63' "Opera Window" Center-Beam are still common to the rails, and they are as one of the most distinctive prototypes of all time.

ExactRail's Thrall 63' "Opera Window" Center-Beam Flat Car is an extraordinary replica. Easily one of our most intricate and part-intense models to date, the "Opera Window" Center-Beam is a hybrid model of etched brass and plastic that is without equal. The model consists of 125 separate parts, which includes, a 0.010" etched brass center partition, individually tooled ratchets and separate deck panels so that there are no ejection marks on the body from the injection molding process. The model also features wire coupler cut hangers, which match the "loop" style coupler cut lever hangers on the prototype.

These fine models will ship in early 2013.

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• Designed, engineered, tooled and injection molded in our own Orem, Utah facilities!
• 0.010" Etched Brass Center Partition, COTS and ACI placards
• Factory installed Kadee #58 couplers
• Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail
• ExactRail's exclusive ASF 100 ton 'Ride Control' trucks
• CNC-machined metal wheel sets with metal axles!
• Wire grab irons, brake rods, and coupler cut levers!
• Accurate painting and printing!
• Wire coupler cut lever hangers which match the "loop" style hangers of the prototypes!
• Etched metal Morton crossover walks
• Seperately applied air hoses
• Available in 6 paint schemes

HO Scale: Thrall 63' "Opera Window" Center-Beam Flat Car - UP

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