EE-1404-1 - Trinity 50' Hy-Cube Box Car : SRY (Blue) : 5472

EE-1404-2 - Trinity 50' Hy-Cube Box Car : SRY (Blue) : 5520

EE-1404-3 - Trinity 50' Hy-Cube Box Car : SRY (Blue) : 5539

Holding to ExactRail’s standards of excellence, these finely crafted cars feature an abundance of separate and stand-off detailing including separate door tracks, plug door bars, etched stainless steel cross-over walks, and wire formed grab irons.  Meticulously shaped steel nail able floor detailing overlaid with a fully detailed frame including complete brake rigging and highly detailed scale draft gear finishes this masterpiece of contemporary rolling stock.  To ensure precision operation and years of enjoyment, we’ve completed these cars with CNC-machined metal wheels and ExactRail’s equalized trucks.  Razor-sharp painting and printing completes the canvas

HO Scale: Trinity 50' Hy-Cube Box Car - CN

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