EE-1207-3 - Vert-A-Pac Autorack : SP : 517115

EE-1207-2 - Vert-A-Pac Autorack : SP : 517098

EE-1207-1 - Vert-A-Pac Autorack : SP : 517002

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Developed in the early 1970s, the Vert-A-Pac was designed to transport GM H-body cars from points of manufacture to distributors all over the US.

An innovative car, the Vert-A-Pac carried vehicles driven onto one of 30 massive doors. When the doors were raised into position, the vehicles were suspended the vehicles within the Vert-A-Pac.

Designed in cooperation by the Southern Pacific and ACF Industries, these auto carriers were rostered by railroads across the country and operated into the early 1980s. The Vert-A-Pacs were graced with bill-board style paint schemes and often seen in large colorful blocks.

ExactRail accurately equips the Vert-A-Pac with ExactRail’s Barber 70 Ton "Low Profile" Trucks and 28” precision CNC-machined wheels.

ExactRail's Vert-A-Pac:

· Designed, engineered and tooled in the U.S.!
· All-new paint schemes!
· Factory installed Kadee® No.5® couplers
· 28" CNC-machined metal wheel sets
· Exclusive Barber 70 Ton "Low Profile" Trucks
· Body mounted couplers with a long shank to accommodate 22" radius curves
· Razor sharp printing

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