Building & Shipping Update

As of the time publishing this blog, power & gas have not been restored to our portion of the building. During an inspection of our space, a truss was discovered to have a crack in it. This was shored up yesterday and our space has been deemed safe. We anticipate that we will have power restored any day now. Regardless of when that will be, we have made arrangements with an owner of a neighboring building to allow us to setup our shipping computer so we can start getting orders out. We will pull and pack the orders in the dark with a headlamp strapped to our heads and then ship from the neighboring building. It wont be attractive but it'll work. It will take us a few days to work through the backlog of orders so we ask you to have a little more patience with us as we get through them.

Thank you for the support & for those of you in the Northeast, we will see you at the Springfield show in about two weeks.

Not sure what this is all about? Click HERE for info.

Chris Brimley

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Paul Frazer
Paul Frazer

January 11, 2017

glad to hear things are starting to come back together for you… best of luck to get back to normal soon

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