ExactRail’s GSC flat cars have full underbody detail!

August 15, 2014

General Steel Castings (GSC) manufactured single-piece, flat car body from giant molds.  The result of the cast design is a body with curves, draft and bilged edges.  As a result of these contours, we find GSC flat cars to be among the most elegant flat cars ever created.

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

Of course, capturing the essence of these cars meant recreating this form—top and bottom!

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

This includes an extraordinarily attention to recreating accurate brake gear and underbody appliances!! We have also created the Royal F brake regulator! These details pass in and out of the center sill. To have the matrix of die-caste and plastic parts be both manufacturable and accurate was a challenge, and we are so pleased with the result!

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