December 15, 2021 Product Update

December 15, 2021 1 Comment

We are now at the mid point in December and it is time for a new product update from ExactRail.  Read below under each car for updated information and descriptions.  At the bottom is another new announcement that we are hoping to release in March 2022.

Currently we are not taking pre-orders on any upcoming releases and will begin accepting orders when the product has arrived and been officially released.

For you N scalers, we are still a couple months out before we are ready to show what is incoming.  I am waiting on production samples to arrive and as soon as I have them we will make the announcements.

HO Scale Gunderson 7466 Wood Chip Gondola - Available December 2021

We had hoped to have released these already this month but our container has unfortunately been delayed.  I was told yesterday that it should be now making its way to us.  Fingers crossed they will arrive early next week and we will begin taking orders immediately after. 

Click here for more info and paint scheme list

HO Scale PS-2CD 4427  Covered Hopper - Available December 2021

These are in the same container as the Wood Chip Gondolas above and are sharing their same fate.  I believe we will still have them in time before December ends.  As stated last month, this is round one of two.  Round two will either be released in March or April of 2022.  More information will be announced at a later date.

Click here for more info and paint scheme list

HO Scale Bethlehem 3483 Hoppers - Available January 2022

The ship with the 3483 Hoppers just docked this morning.  At this time we are still planning on a January 2022 release but due to delays on the container including the December releases, I expect these to be available towards the end of the month.

Click here for more info and paint scheme list

HO Scale Trinity Trincool 64' Phase III Reefer - Available February 2022

While this production has been complete since mid November, it was decided to hold it and ship it with the below new announcement.  These should be shipping soon and still currently expect these to be available in February.

Click here for more info and paint scheme list

HO Scale Depressed Center Flat Car - Available March or April 2022

Our next new release for 2022 will be another run of our popular Depressed Center Flat Car.  Coming soon in 5 all new paint schemes, 1 updated scheme and in kit form for the first time.  These will be available to order exclusively through this coming Spring. 

Click here for more info and paint scheme list

Thank you,

Chris Brimley

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Richard Coleman,Jr
Richard Coleman,Jr

December 17, 2021

Since everything is made of plastic There needs to be a plastic pellet covered hopper coming. The Trinity, ARI, and Greenbrier/ Gunderson 6200 capacity cars will fill the need. Modern tankers too.

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