ExactRail Announces the Union Pacific Signature GSC 42’ Flat Car!

August 08, 2014

Announced with a live drum roll at the Union Pacific Historical Society annual convention!

 ExactRail is pleased to announce the GSC 42' Flat Car or in Union Pacific circles, the F-50-15!

This announcement follows ExactRail’s announcement of two all-new GSC 53’-6 Flat Cars at the National Train Show!

In 1951, the Union Pacific received the GSC 42’ Flat Car as kits from General Steel Castings (GSC.) These kits were assembled in Denver, CO and designated by the car class F-50-15. This car was purchased as a general service flat. However, some of these cars were re-classified into more specialized service, including TOFC. 

The car bodies of GSC flats are cast in steel, which means the entire car body is a single piece. The result is that these cars are veritable battleships on rails, and many are in active MoW service today--63 years later!

ExactRail has produced an extraordinarily accurate of the GSC 42' Flat Car!  It is complete with full underbody detail, laser cut wood decks, and packaging that protects the model!

The GSC 42’ Flat Car will be available in 5 paint schemes. 

  •  1951 'As Delivered' Union Pacific Paint Scheme: Available in 12 road numbers!
  •  1974 Union Pacific Repaint: Available in 9 road numbers!
  •  Union Pacific #913123 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme!
  •  Union Pacific #913150 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme!
  •  Union Pacific #913243 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme! 

 Pricing and availability will be announced soon! The GSC 42' Flat Car is next out of the gate, and our release of this model will be soon! 

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