ExactRail to preview 2 all-new Flat Cars at the National Train Show!

July 16, 2014

Top Shelf Flat Cars!

As we survey the marketplace, there is a car type that seems particularly underrepresented. Through the 1980s, flat cars were common to railroads everywhere. However, in the HO scale, general service flat cars have little representation.

ExactRail is pleased to preview two all-new models!

ExactRail will preview the General Steel Castings (GSC) 53’-6” Flat Car with 43’-3” Truck Centers and the 53’-6” Flat Car with 42’-0 truck Centers!


Although similar in appearance, these models are completely distinct and separate prototypes, and ExactRail has captured the details! 
We’ve taken no shortcuts, ExactRail’s General Service 53’-6” Flat Cars have full underbody detail! This is challenging because of the details are such that it is difficult to have the car be both highly detailed and well weighted. With the prototype, these GSC flats are single casts from giant molds. The result is a body latticework of cast steel. In HO Scale, there is no room for a weight, and therein is the challenge.

We solved this issue by creating a network of die cast and plastic parts. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts not to compromise.

Besides, we love what bare tables can do for a manifest freight!

Additionally, we are offering the car with laser cut, laser board decks! We are modelers too! The common material for laser etching is micro-plywood. Our experience is that the wood grain is often unsightly when weathered. So, we are traveling the path less traveled. We’ve used these decks in our own personal projects, and in our experience, these decks finish so well!

Finally, we deliver the models in packaging that protects the models. Normally, this isn’t something that receives mention. However, it took a number of packaging iterations to ensure our models properly protected. Taking the time to work through this issue is another way that we ensure the best experience for you!

Please watch our blog and social media for more details on these cars!

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