ExactRail HO Scale: FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN

In May and June of 1978, the American Rail Box Car Company (Railbox) sought a unique design of 77-ton Plate C box cars from FMC. These cars had a 6' plug doors in addition to the regular 10' Youngstown slider. With an original fleet of over 1950 cars, the "Combo Door" ABOX car has since became a classic of Railbox era.

Through October 1984 to July 1985, the Canadian National acquired second-hand nearly 1000 of the original ABOX FMC 5277 Combo Door box cars. These cars were repainted Tucsan Red by CN's Moncton, N.B. shops. Others were pressed into immediate service in original ABOX paint with reporting marks restenciled for CN.

Additionally, the Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway acquired a variant version of the FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car through SSI leasing. These cars were unique in that they were equipped with EOC cushioning and had eight panels to the right of the 10' sliding Youngstown door. The MDW acquired these cars in November of 1976. These cars were dressed in colorful green and white paint schemes which gave tribute to the lumber industries of the northern Minnesota.

ExactRail is pleased to offer the all-new FMC 5277 Combo Door box car. Accurately rendered, ExactRail goes the distance by offering two versions of Stanray X-panel non-overhanging roofs. With 6-rib Stanray non-terminating ends, 6' plug and 10' Youngstown doors, and numerous separately applied details, ExactRail brings the diversity of the prototype to your collection.

· Precision micro-tooled!
· Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
· ExactRail's exclusive 70 ton ASF Ride Control trucks
· Kadee® No. 5® couplers
· Finely crafted steel nailable floor
· Wire grab irons
· ExactRail's exclusive separately applied door tracks
· Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail
· CNC-machined 33" metal wheel sets
· Razor sharp printing!

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EE-1802-6 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553529
EE-1802-5 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553468
EE-1802-4 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553321
EE-1802-3 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553276
EE-1802-2 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553154
EE-1802-1 - FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN - 553003

HO Scale: FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Car - CN

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