November 10, 2017


November 08, 2017


Come see us at TrainFest!

ExactRail will be attending Trainfest this weekend! We will be previewing some new products that we're excited about and have many of our most popular products available for purchase! Come see us in Booth #4204!

October 07, 2017


New! 12 Road Numbers of 2 Popular Bethlehem 3737 Hopper MP Paint Schemes

New Road Numbers of 2 popular Paint Schemes!


Announced on October 7th 2017 at the Missouri Pacific Historical Society Convention!

We are pleased to announce new road numbers are available on 2 popular paint schemes of our Bethlehem 3737 hopper!

With over 10,000 units produced, this is one of the most prolific, Western steel hoppers of last 40 years. The first Bethlehem 3737 delivery went to the Chicago & Eastern Illinois in 1973, and subsequent orders went to the Texas & Pacific, Missouri Pacific and Chicago & North Western. These are still in service as of 2014, and many have been rebuilt into 4000 capacity cars.”

  • Various paint schemes and Undecorated Kits!
    • Unparalleled attention to letter accuracy and placement.
    • ExactRail’s equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
    • Machined metal wheel sets and axles
    • Kadee ® #158 “scale” couplers
    • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: key detail, shank wedges, striker castings and full nut and bolt detail
    • Accurate Bethlehem 3737 details, including:
       - Single door Wine locks
       - 4’ 10.5” vertical brake lever
       - Welded top chord gussets
       - Sub center sill brake rod
       - Etched metal slake adjustor guard
       - Interior braces
       - Interior wheel well panels
       - Floor mounted air reservoir
    • Wire coupler cut levers, grab irons, brake rods and lever hangers!
    • 2 Load Styles included with each hopper!

Click the Images below to Buy yours!

BETHLEHEM 3737 HOPPER - MP - AS DELIVERED 582000-582499 - 5/79 - 6 New Numbers!
BETHLEHEM 3737 HOPPER - MP - AS DELIVERED 582000-582499 - 6/79 - 6 New Numbers!
May 25, 2017


ALL NEW From ExactRail! The HO Scale Southern Pacific G-100-22 Gondola


We are pleased to announce the the ALL NEW HO Scale Southern Pacific G-100-22 Gondola is now available!

In 1974, the Southern Pacific received 100-ton, 65' mill gondolas from Thrall Car Manufacturing. The railroad classified these cars as the G-100-22. They were among the first 100-ton, 65' gondolas acquired by the railroad. The G-100-22 is a distinctive car. Like all modern gondolas, the stature of this car gives it presence. Yet, the modern "facade" is betrayed by terminating dreadnaught ends and trucks that are well inset. This car is distinctive--for sure, and that is why we love it. Many of these cars have been pressed into Maintenance of Way service, and they can be found on home rails today.

The Southern Pacific G-100-22 will be offered in the "1974 As Delivered" paint scheme in 9 road numbers. The model is a Platinum Series replica and features:

  • Wire grab irons, brake rods, brake cylinder lever hangers and tie downs
  • Metal top chord tie-downs and etched brake step
  • Kadee #158 Coupler
  • CNC-machined wheels and axles
  • Accurate print and colors
  • Etched brass ACI plate
Click to Buy Now!
January 20, 2017

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NEW Road Numbers of 6 popular paint schemes of the HO Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcar

We are pleased to announce a long awaited release of 6 paint schemes of our popular Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcar! 

For background info and features on this popular boxcar visit: HERE

HO Scale    

Available in these 6 Paint Schemes:

Western Pacific (WP) ‘1973 As Delivered’ - Available in 7 Road numbers! 

The Western Pacific contributed 6 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool, and ExactRail is proud to offer this model with accurate artwork and colors, including our attention to accurately rendering the unique style of car numbers that WP used on this paint scheme.





Norfolk & Western (NW) ‘1973 As Delivered’ - Available in 6 Road Numbers!

The Norfolk & Western contributed 11 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool. These cars were painted in NW’s striking post-1971 paint scheme. ExactRail is proud to offer this model with accurate artwork and colors even down to the smallest lettering fonts.


Detroit, Toledo & Ironton (DTI) ‘1973 As Delivered’ - Available in 6 Road Numbers!

The Detroit, Toledo & Ironton contributed 36 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool, and this paint scheme is a favorite for Greenville boxcars!




Penn Central (PC) ‘1973 As Delivered’ - Available in 6 Road Numbers!

The Penn Central contributed 21 Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars to the 322/Lima, Ohio pool, and ExactRail is proud to offer this model with accurate artwork and colors.

Conrail (CR) PC Repaint - Available in 6 Road Numbers!

The Penn Central Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars are long lived, and they served Conrail through the life of the railroad. Conrail repainted these cars in a paint scheme that featured the Conrail’s attractive can-opener logo.


CSX (NYC) Conrail restencil - Available in 3 Road Numbers!

When CSX acquired Conrail assets, some Greenville 7100 Auto Parts Boxcars were restenciled with NYC reporting marks. These reporting marks designated CSX ownership, and these cars continue to serve the railroad today.


January 11, 2017

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Building & Shipping Update

As of the time publishing this blog, power & gas have not been restored to our portion of the building. During an inspection of our space, a truss was discovered to have a crack in it. This was shored up yesterday and our space has been deemed safe. We anticipate that we will have power restored any day now. Regardless of when that will be, we have made arrangements with an owner of a neighboring building to allow us to setup our shipping computer so we can start getting orders out. We will pull and pack the orders in the dark with a headlamp strapped to our heads and then ship from the neighboring building. It wont be attractive but it'll work. It will take us a few days to work through the backlog of orders so we ask you to have a little more patience with us as we get through them.

Thank you for the support & for those of you in the Northeast, we will see you at the Springfield show in about two weeks.

Not sure what this is all about? Click HERE for info.

Chris Brimley

January 04, 2017


ExactRail Product not Shipping for a few Days

Provo Ut Fire department checking roof of ExactRail building

ExactRail has it's offices and warehouse in a portion of a building shared by another tenant. Unfortunately on the morning of 1.4.2017 the roof of the neighboring tenants suite collapsed.

The Good News: No one was hurt in the collapse and the roof above the ExactRail suite is a different structure from that of our neighbors so aside from a bit of water coming into our space from their fire suppression system there has been no damage to any of the inventory or equipment in the ExactRail space.

The Bad News: Because of the level of damage sustained to the building both the power and gas has been shut off to our offices. This means that orders cannot be shipped for the time being.

We expect all of these issues to be resolved in the next few days and will get ALL orders shipped out ASAP.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. Our employees will be working from different locations so we appreciate your understanding if we are a little slower to respond than usual.

Please continue to buy with confidence. Our inventory is in perfect shape and once we have access to the building again we will start shipping orders quickly!

Thank you for being the greatest customers and fans on earth!

The ExactRail Team


November 03, 2016


New Road Numbers and a new Paint Scheme on the Trinity TRINCool 64' Reefer!

With bold symmetry and modern aesthetics, few pieces of rollingstock communicate ‘contemporary’ as strongly as the Trinity 64’ TRINCool Reefer

The modern reefer is a contemporary vindication for the perishable trade of yore when railroads moved carloads of perishable traffic by the thousands.  Speaking to this heritage, the ARMN reporting marks have reference to the American Refrigerator Transit Company, a refrigerator car line formed in 1881 via a joint venture between the Missouri Pacific and Wabash Railroads.  Now in the care of Union Pacific, ARMN reefers are often seen in hot schedule Q Trains, which is the UP’s designation for premium manifest traffic.

ExactRail is proud to offer the third release of our Phase I Trinity 64’ TRINCool Reefer!  Replete with detail, ExactRail’s modern reefer includes separately applied release valve rods, the safety chain on the A-end platform, reporting marks on the truck side frames, etched metal filler caps, fuel tank gauge with pad printed read-outs, separately applied and painted temperature box, and precision micro-tailed huck bolts.  It also features color and lettering styles, which are the most accurately rendered.

The Trinity 64’ TRINCool Reefer features:

  • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels
  • ExactRail's exclusive 100-ton ASF Ride Control trucks
  • Kadee #156 “scale” whisker couplers
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt  detail.
  • Numerous hand-applied details, including: separately applied air hoses, brake roads and brake appliances.
  • Hand-applied details.
  • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
  • Photo-etched, stainless steel brake platforms and brass bulkhead caps!
  • Exceptionally accurate printing and color.

Union Pacific /ARMN ‘As Delivered’ paint scheme:

ExactRail is proud to offer the third release of our popular phase I Trinity 64’ TRINCool Reefer in 12 all-new road numbers. This model has over 15 unique painted colors.  (And you thought the Trinity reefer was just a big white car!)  We would be surprised if any model train manufacturer has given more attention to matching the number of subtle variations of color on a freight car as we have to the Trinity Reefer.

     Available in 12 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-81051

    Union Pacific/ARMN Repatch Scheme:

    Around 2014, Union Pacific began relocating the reporting marks and car numbers of Trinity 64’ TRINCool reefers to a place much higher on the car side—presumably, in an effort to keep them from being masked with graffiti. ExactRail is proud to offer this interesting iteration for the first time!  Every road number offered in this set of paint schemes has been verified as having received this re-lettered scheme.


    Available in 12 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-81052
    October 04, 2016

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    The Southern Railway purchased nearly 5,000 of these 70-ton boxcars.  ExactRail is pleased to offer one of our most sought after HO Scale freight cars!

    Featuring the finest precision micro-tooling and finish-work in the industry, ExactRail's Southern 5277 “Waffle” boxcar is a platinum quality model—complete with Kadee #58 couplers, coupler cut levers, numerous wire-formed and fine-scale details, accurate underbody details and ExactRail's exclusive equalized trucks.  ExactRail's Signature Series Southern 5277 “Waffle” Box Car is an exclusive replica to be appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors alike.


    • Precision designed and tooled in the United States!
    • ExactRail's CNC-machined wheels
    • ExactRail's exclusive Barber 70 ton S-2 trucks
    • Etched-metal crossover walks
    • Free-standing wire details
    • Hand-applied details
    • Accurate fonts, colors and lettering placement
    • Meticulously reproduced underbody detail and steel nail able floor
    • Razor sharp painting and printing


    In October of 1971, the Southern received 400 Pullman-Standard 5277 “Waffle” boxcars as P-S Lot 9523.  This is the first time this paint scheme (as-delivered paint scheme with no Hennessy door openers and no re-stencil data) has been offered so accurately.   If you are a Southern modelers, this is the car that you can absolutely not do without.

     Available in 12 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-81801


    In February of 1976, Southern received [series] of Pullman-Standard 5277 “Waffle” Boxcars with Hennessy door openers. The Southern received a number of different P-S 5277 “Waffle” Boxcar lots with door assists.  The purpose of the door assist was to help shippers and consignees open doors without forklifts, which damaged car doors.  ExactRail’s model has exceptionally accurate lettering fonts and colors.


    Available in 6 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-81802


    In January of 1984, the Norfolk Southern Corporation began repainting Southern Railway Pullman-Standard 5277 “Waffle” Boxcars in a new paint scheme.  The Southern Railway called this the “Europa” paint scheme.  If you model post-1984, this paint scheme would look great interspersed among our other Southern waffle boxcars!


    Available in 3 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EP-81803

    August 09, 2016

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    We are pleased to announce new Road Numbers of 7 popular Paint Schemes of the ExactRail PC&F 6033 Boxcar!

    The Pacific Car & Foundry (PC&F) 6033 cubic capacity boxcar is one of the industry’s truly sleek and classy hy-cube boxcars.  The first order of PC&F 6033 boxcars went to the Southern Pacific in 1966, and the Union Pacific, Western Pacific, St. Louis Southwestern, and Southern Pacific railroads received new and additional lots in 1967.  In the early service years, PC&F 6033 was primarily employed in appliance and paper-loading assignments.  Now operating for privates, many of these cars are still in service today--some of which continue in patched SP/SSW and Alaska Railway paint schemes.

    The ExactRail PC&F 6033 features the classic, double-sheathed construction, 3/3/3/1 dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel, overhanging roof, and single 10’-6” YSD sliding doors and Hydra-Cushion underbody detailing of the prototype.  ExactRail also accurately matches the 70-ton Barber S-2 trucks or ASF Ride Control trucks of the prototypes. 


    Southern Pacific (SP) ‘1966 As Delivered’ paint scheme: 

    Southern Pacific (SP) ‘1966 As Delivered’ paint scheme Image - ExactRail

    In April of 1966, Southern Pacific received the first delivery of 100 PC&F 6033 boxcars.  These cars were configured with Car-Pac loaders and did not receive specific service stencils.  The artwork has been massaged from our first release many years ago to represent the most accurate SP PC&F 6033 of this paint scheme.


    Available in 6 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EE-1001

    Alaska Railway (ARR) Paint Scheme:

    Alaska Railway (ARR) Boxcar

    In the mid 1990s, Alaska Railway received 50 PC&F 6033 boxcars, and these were painted in Alaska’s striking blue and yellow paint scheme. ARR cars were frequently photographed in Canada and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  ExactRail’s model has exceptionally accurate lettering fonts and colors. 


    Available in 3 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EE-1004

    Western Pacific (WP) ‘1967 As Delivered’ paint scheme:

    Western Pacific Model Boxcar - HO Scale

    In January of 1967, the Western Pacific purchased five PC&F 6033 boxcars for appliance service. These cars received routing assignments to Moraine, Ohio—far from WP rails.  The artwork and colors has been completely reworked from our first release many years ago, and the result is an exceptionally accurate rendition of this beautiful WP paint scheme.

    Available in 5 Road Numbers! Click HERE to Order: EE-1005

    Southern Pacific (SP) ‘1967 As Delivered’ paint scheme:


    In February of 1967, the Southern Pacific received an additional 100-car lot of PC&F 6033 boxcars.  These cars were painted with a yellow door to designate specific service assignments.  This lot was assigned to paper loading service out of Eugene, Oregon.


    St. Louis Southwestern (SSW) ‘1967 As Delivered’ repaint scheme: 

    Cotton Belt Boxcar

    In April of 1967, Cotton Belt received seven PC&F 6033 boxcars that were assigned to appliance service in Louisville, Kentucky. Like the 1966-delivered SP cars, they were outfitted with Car-Pac loaders.  The SSW cars had a different lettering style for the capacity and dimensional blocks from the SP cars.  And of course, you can expect that it is accurately match to the smallest details on our models.  


    The Andersons, Inc (BAEX) ex-SP 1967 patch scheme: 

    BAEX HO Scale Box Car Model Train

    The Andersons, Inc acquired PC&F 6033 boxcars in the second-hand market. These cars primarily consist of ex-SP 1967 cars with the large yellow door.  The Andersons re-stenciled the reporting marks and patched-out the Southern Pacific name.  ExactRail’s model is complete with double COTS blocks, U-1 wheel inspection stencil and ACI tags—all of which the SP would have applied post delivery.  The result is a car that wears its history on its car sides, and ExactRail’s cars have been accurately faded to represent an in-service car of more than 30 years.



    Southern Illinois Railcar (SIRX) ex-ARR patch scheme:

    SIRX Box Car HO Scale Model

    Southern Illinois Railcar acquired a group of PC&F 6033 boxcars from the Alaska Railway. These cars feature a slightly faded color of Alaska blue with re-stenciled SIRX reporting marks.  Many SIRX cars are still in service today, some of which near the ExactRail facilities in Utah working out of the Morton Salt plant near the Great Salt Lake.



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