Now Available! The TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car in HO Scale!

August 07, 2020 2 Comments

Now Available! The TrentonWorks 67'-11

We are excited to announce our second run of...

The TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car in HO Scale!

The TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car is one of the most prolific bulkhead flat cars of the contemporary era. These were initially built for TTX in 1997 by Greenbrier at their Gunderson facility and then at TrentonWorks Ltd. of Nova Scotia starting in 2000 . TTX would later return for additional deliveries over the next few years. These cars have bold proportions and a low stance which speak to the modern age.

ExactRail is offering a replica that is of the most meticulous design. Great attention has been given to the most intricate details. This model consists of injection molded plastic, etched metal, laser-cut fiber board, formed brass and wire parts.

One feature to which we would like to draw attention is the assembly which routes the air hose from under the draft box. This one feature is created from prints, multiple pages of personal notes, and dozens of photographs. In addition to other things, we have given great attention to the underbody details so to capture with fidelity the intricate features of the TrentonWork's design.

Furthermore, ExactRail is offering the TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car in three extraordinarily accurate paint schemes. The first are 18 numbers from equipment series 804400-804699 built in 2000. These were the first built at the TrentonWorks facility. We are also offering TTX's new logo that has been patched on six cars that we were able to identify. Last are 3 oddball cars from a group of 10 (804901-804909) that were delivered in September 2004 with a few extra ‘DO NOT WELD TO FLOOR’ labels.

  • Precision Micro-tooled!
  • ExactRail's equalized 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined metal wheels sets
  • Kadee® #156 "scale" whisker couplers!
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring: shank wedges, striker casting and full nut and bolt detail.
  • Numerous hand-applied details, including: separately applied air hoses, brake rods and brake appliances!
  • Photo-etched, stainless steel brake platforms and brass bulkhead caps!
  • Exceptionally accurate printing and true to life colors! 
  • Laser cut basswood or laserboard bulkhead ends (user applied)

Price: $49.99

Available Now in 3 Paint Schemes

TTPX - '2000 As-Delivered' : 18 road numbers

The 804400-804699 batch of 300 cars were the first of this design to be built by Greenbrier at their TrentonWorks facility in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2000. TTX had previously recieved 400 cars in 1997 that were built at Greenbrier's Gunderson facility. Future deliveries would all be fabricated at TrentonWorks. TTX would roster a large family of 1700 bulkhead flats of this design with the last production in 2005 arriving in 2005. These workhorses are frequently seen in all corners of the railroad world of Canada, United States & Mexico. Commonly seen hauling loads of sheet steel, pipe, lumber and reels of cable, the TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car belongs on your modern HO scale layout.

TTPX - New Logo Patch: 6 road numbers

In 2008 TTX adopted an updated logo to replace the classic black & whte design. While all of the TTPX Gunderson & TrentonWorks built cars were delivered prior to this change, many have now been updated. As the cars are shopped, TTX often patches over the old and applies the new design, however the majority of cars today still have their 'as-delivered' logo. All six road numbers offered were all documented as reciving the new logo. While it is possible that some of these cars recieved this patch prior to 2012, that is the earliest date that we have been able to confirm the application of the logo.

TTPX - 9-2004 'As-Delivered' : 3 road numbers

These 3 cars were part of the first 10 cars of a larger production in 2004. The 10 cars are unusual because of the extra DO NOT WELD TO FLOOR labels on the sill and bulkheads. Oddball cars are some of our favorite and capturing the result of bad information, confusion or someone that really enjoys applying labels and wasn't ready to stop just yet. That's ok with us. Whatever happended that day is now memorialized for you in HO scale.

Get you TrentonWorks 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Cars today!


See them all!

2 Responses

William David
William David

August 11, 2021

The hoppers cars look great. Have yall ever thought about doing some pulpwood racks for the Central of Georgia?

Garrett J. LeVan
Garrett J. LeVan

July 29, 2021

Early last Fall, I ordered and received one of your Trenton Works 67’ 11" Bulkhead Flat Cars. Put long rusty pipe of 12 load on the flat and then chained it
down. Thought it turn out pretty good. Will go into a modern day freight mix on a club layout. Please continue to make great freight cars.
Best regards,

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