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July 27, 2015 1 Comment

On July 19th, we posted a blog entitled ‘And What About TTX?’ In that blog we mentioned that ExactRail will have a number of new items in TTX paint schemes in the 2015 year.

In the spirit of all things TTX, did you know that TTX Company has issued a call for images?

The TTX company is seeking images of TTX equipment in action. These images will be used in the 2016 calendar and other marketing materials, and TTX is willing to pay $300 for full, non-exclusive rights for each image they use.

We would love to see our friends at TTX be successful at using the railfan community to bring content to TTX marketing. So, we are using our social media channels to further their message! Please see TTX website for more information because certain requirements do apply.

Click Here for more information 

Happy railroading!


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August 10, 2015

Was hoping this wasn’t going to be so mainstream as I saw that TTX was asking for images in the last issue of Trains.. Now I hope I get at least 1 image selected :)

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