A Rare Prototype

August 13, 2015 2 Comments

For those who are passionate about freight cars, it is interesting what may cross one's path. In January 1975, Pullman-Standard built the last of fifteen 7315 cubic capacity waffle box cars for the Union Pacific. Forty years later, only 4 are on roster. Photographed on the 19th of September 2010, UP #960874 bakes under the Mojave sun while in Yermo, CA. Although no longer in original paint, it is great to see a relic of the fast automobile freights of yore!

Happy railroading! 

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Ramon Lewis
Ramon Lewis

May 04, 2018

YAY for Train #57 – I too am collecting Auto parts cars to complete my rendition. Thanks ER for this project! Even better would be some Bankrupt Blue ROCK ones!

Frank W. Jordan
Frank W. Jordan

August 31, 2015

Blaine. Simply INCREDIBLE. What else can you say about Exactrails vision for 1970’s Auto Industry rollingstock releases. I have waited (and Scratchbuilt) my own renditions of some fine XL buggies but have been waiting for these animals. This is just fabulous. How about the MILW and GTW “Good Track” schemes? Are they comin? Cars to assign and roll on my CRI&P #57 to Warm Springs in 1976. These are it. Let me know. WELL DONE BLAINE…Your the best. Truly FW Jordan Loco Engr and serious modeler.

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