November 11, 2014


ExactRail’s GSC 53’-6 Flat Cars Match the Prototypes!

GSC 53'-6 Flat Cars

The paint and lettering of ExactRail’s GSC 53’-6 Flat Cars is industry leading. Of the 9 paint schemes being offered, we are offering four road number specific paint schemes! A road number specific paint scheme is a paint scheme that is precisely matched to a unique road number of a specific car. Generally, this isn’t relevant for factory painted cars. However, repainted cars often have differences that make them unique. With ExactRail offering road number specific paint schemes, a person is not just able to model a car type, a class of car, or a specific lot, but a person is able to go a step further and model the specific cars themselves!

It is a great time to be a model railroader!

The road number specific cars for GSC 53’-6 Flat Cars are:

  • ‘Maintenance of Way #900355’ Union Pacific GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 42-0 Truck Centers.
  • ‘Maintenance of Way # 909447’ Union Pacific GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 43’-3 Truck Centers
  • ‘Maintenance of Way #59560’ Union Pacific GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 43’-3 Truck Centers
  • ‘Maintenance of Way #209098’ Santa Fe GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 43’-3 Truck Centers

In addition to road number specific cars, ExactRail offers distinct replicas with unique left and right side artwork! Generally, the left and right sides differ due to inattentiveness when a car is repainted, such as the ‘Maintenance of Way #59560’ Union Pacific model. But sometimes, the prototype cars are delivered from the manufacturer with differences, as with the ‘1967 As Delivered’ Northern Pacific paint scheme of the GSC 53’-6 Flat Car with 42’-0 Truck Centers.

ExactRail is proud to offer freight cars with this level of detail!

GSC Flat Cars

October 08, 2014


ExactRail to speak at the 2014 Naperville Prototype Modelers Meet!

ExactRail will be attending the 2014 Naperville Prototype Modelers Meet. The Naperville, Illinois meet is one of the largest in the country. ExactRail’s VP of Product will speak on ExactRail’s past, present and future. ExactRail will also be selling our replicas in the vendor’s area of the show.

If you are in the Chicago, Ill. area, please come and meet with us! We are available to hear your suggestions, share insight into our business, and of course, show you our products first hand!

August 15, 2014


ExactRail’s GSC flat cars have full underbody detail!

General Steel Castings (GSC) manufactured single-piece, flat car body from giant molds.  The result of the cast design is a body with curves, draft and bilged edges.  As a result of these contours, we find GSC flat cars to be among the most elegant flat cars ever created.

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

Of course, capturing the essence of these cars meant recreating this form—top and bottom!

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

This includes an extraordinarily attention to recreating accurate brake gear and underbody appliances!! We have also created the Royal F brake regulator! These details pass in and out of the center sill. To have the matrix of die-caste and plastic parts be both manufacturable and accurate was a challenge, and we are so pleased with the result!

August 15, 2014


ExactRail’s GSC 42’-6 flat car includes 3 road number specific paint schemes!

No model train manufacturer produces accurate road-number specific paint schemes like ExactRail! To date, we have released 10 road-number specific paint schemes! We continue in this tradition with 3 additional road-number specific paint schemes with the release of the GSC 42’-6 flat car! We even matched the precise lettering on the COTS blocks! The details of these paint schemes will astound!

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

UP GSC 42 Flatcar

August 08, 2014


ExactRail Announces the Union Pacific Signature GSC 42’ Flat Car!

Announced with a live drum roll at the Union Pacific Historical Society annual convention!

 ExactRail is pleased to announce the GSC 42' Flat Car or in Union Pacific circles, the F-50-15!

This announcement follows ExactRail’s announcement of two all-new GSC 53’-6 Flat Cars at the National Train Show!

In 1951, the Union Pacific received the GSC 42’ Flat Car as kits from General Steel Castings (GSC.) These kits were assembled in Denver, CO and designated by the car class F-50-15. This car was purchased as a general service flat. However, some of these cars were re-classified into more specialized service, including TOFC. 

The car bodies of GSC flats are cast in steel, which means the entire car body is a single piece. The result is that these cars are veritable battleships on rails, and many are in active MoW service today--63 years later!

ExactRail has produced an extraordinarily accurate of the GSC 42' Flat Car!  It is complete with full underbody detail, laser cut wood decks, and packaging that protects the model!

The GSC 42’ Flat Car will be available in 5 paint schemes. 

  •  1951 'As Delivered' Union Pacific Paint Scheme: Available in 12 road numbers!
  •  1974 Union Pacific Repaint: Available in 9 road numbers!
  •  Union Pacific #913123 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme!
  •  Union Pacific #913150 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme!
  •  Union Pacific #913243 MoW Paint Scheme: road number specific paint scheme! 

 Pricing and availability will be announced soon! The GSC 42' Flat Car is next out of the gate, and our release of this model will be soon! 

July 30, 2014


ExactRail to announce all-new model at the Union Pacific Historical Convention this week!



ExactRail is at the Union Pacific Historical Society (UPHS) Annual Convention! Blaine Hadfield is the dinner speaker at the convention event, and he will discuss the development of recent ExactRail products.

Furthermore, he will introduce an all-new freight car!

The UPHS convention dinner is in Ogden, Utah on August 2nd. We wish to thank the Union Pacific Historical Society for the opportunity to present. We are looking forward to it!

July 16, 2014


ExactRail to preview 2 all-new Flat Cars at the National Train Show!

Top Shelf Flat Cars!

As we survey the marketplace, there is a car type that seems particularly underrepresented. Through the 1980s, flat cars were common to railroads everywhere. However, in the HO scale, general service flat cars have little representation.

ExactRail is pleased to preview two all-new models!

ExactRail will preview the General Steel Castings (GSC) 53’-6” Flat Car with 43’-3” Truck Centers and the 53’-6” Flat Car with 42’-0 truck Centers!


Although similar in appearance, these models are completely distinct and separate prototypes, and ExactRail has captured the details! 
We’ve taken no shortcuts, ExactRail’s General Service 53’-6” Flat Cars have full underbody detail! This is challenging because of the details are such that it is difficult to have the car be both highly detailed and well weighted. With the prototype, these GSC flats are single casts from giant molds. The result is a body latticework of cast steel. In HO Scale, there is no room for a weight, and therein is the challenge.

We solved this issue by creating a network of die cast and plastic parts. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts not to compromise.

Besides, we love what bare tables can do for a manifest freight!

Additionally, we are offering the car with laser cut, laser board decks! We are modelers too! The common material for laser etching is micro-plywood. Our experience is that the wood grain is often unsightly when weathered. So, we are traveling the path less traveled. We’ve used these decks in our own personal projects, and in our experience, these decks finish so well!

Finally, we deliver the models in packaging that protects the models. Normally, this isn’t something that receives mention. However, it took a number of packaging iterations to ensure our models properly protected. Taking the time to work through this issue is another way that we ensure the best experience for you!

Please watch our blog and social media for more details on these cars!

July 02, 2014


Richard Hendrickson, a Friend to the Community.

With great sorrow, ExactRail recognizes the passing railroad historian and friend Richard Hendrickson. Richard’s contribution to our community is most significant. He will be missed. We wish Richard’s family and friends our very best.


Richard, may you rest forever in peace.

May 20, 2014


ExactRail's Union Pacific #4014 Big Boy Video

ExactRail traveled to the Nevada border to railfan Union Pacific's #4014 "Big Boy" steam locomotive.  Even in the far-off desert places of Nevada and Utah, groups of people lined the right of way--many of whom were not railfans or model railroaders.  Yet, they all had reasons to take interest in the movement of this historic locomotive.

When the train passed a local rancher who was waiting near us, there were tears in her eyes.  She recalled being a young girl and her father was a steam locomotive engineer.  The right of way passed within close proximity of their family ranch house, and she would sometimes see her father's waiving hand. We watched Union Pacific's #4014 pass within a few hundred yards of that same house. (This location is in our video at the 2:03 minute mark.)

We applaud Union Pacific for its heritage steam program!

If you would like to see more, please watch our #844 video.  It is found at


Happy railroading,


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